LITT The community app that gives back

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LITT is a locally born and bred community focused super app, that brings together social media, digital payments, e-commerce, and augmented reality advertising to connect like-minded people, businesses and other key stakeholders in local communities. Following a successful launch in Western Australia, the team behind the platform have announced they will begin its rollout across Australia this month.

Unlike other platforms that continually deliver ads to users, when a LITT member sees an ad on their feed and opts to view it, they will be rewarded for their attention – a first in Australia. “The global pandemic has made the world realise that local community matters more than ever,” said LITT Co-founder, Brent Thompson.

“Think of LITT like a community notice board where you share information about your favourite local hairdresser, the delicious toasties at the cafe on your street or the upcoming neighbourhood event,” he said. “We will also be throwing the spotlight on local heroes and social impact causes. We will be asking our LITT community to nominate people they feel deserve to be recognised within their local community and acknowledging them for the incredible service they provide.”

The LITT app combines the best of social, e-commerce, augmented reality advertising and digital payments – made through its in-built digital VISA card. This digital wallet allows people to convert their points from watching ads into money that they can then spend at participating local businesses. Members can also top up their LITT VISA card and buy gift vouchers and coupons from their favourite stores and send them to friends and family. The money our members make on LITT gets pumped straight back into the local economy – it’s what LITT calls its own circular economy.

LITT’s augmented reality (AR) advertising feature works like PokemonGo, except rather than chasing fluffy creatures the members are chasing real live time bound deals and offers promoted by local businesses driving increased foot traffic. This unique advertising module allows businesses to create bespoke, branded augmented reality objects (like a floating milk shake) and place the object in a geofence around their business or a specific area they want to promote, creating customer urgency and providing real time analytics around the success of the promotion.

LITT has acquired almost 20,000 members and 558 local businesses since launching in May 2020. With these figures growing 100% quarter on quarter, the company’s goal is to win over 3 million members and 35,000 businesses to create many positive communities through the app around Australia over time.

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