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Give customers a taste of what your business has to offer by having them catch an AR deal.

LITT’s unique AR and geofence technology lets your business place special deals near and around your stores. When a user promotion views and accepts your promotion the details such as expiry time, T&Cs, store opening hours and a clickable Google maps link to your store address are provided.

Benefits of using AR Promotions

  • 72% of consumers purchased items they had not planned on purchasing because of AR
  • 68% spend more time on products with AR
  • 61% prefer retailers that use AR
  • 55% say it makes shopping fun
  • 40% will pay more for a product if they can first experience it through AR
  • 85 seconds attention holding. AR can hold consumers’ attention for much longer 
  • Up to 33% increase in click through rates (CTR) to purchase

Augmented Reality Ads - In-app flow

Step 1:

Customer enters the geo-fence of an AR Deal.

Step 2:

Receives a notification of an AR deal nearby

Step 3:

Customer looks for the AR deal.

Step 4:

Goes to store and shows cashier the promotion, which is then redeemed.

Accept seamless Payments *

  1. Rewards or gifts earned by members are added to their LITT digital wallet and can be redeemed using their LITT Visa card
  2. The customer simply taps the EFTPOS terminal with their phone to pay with their LITT VISA card
  3. The linked AR deal to VISA allows flexibility in expiring unused vouchers or rewards within a short time frame to prevent leakage
  4. LITT members 18+ are able to apply in-app for a LITT VISA debit digital cards subject to the terms and conditions and PDS.
* Available in Australia only. Coming soon to USA

Data and analytics with LITT Business

Let our data guide your next promotion.

All data and analytics are displayed in real time on the business dashboard, which is accessible to your business administrators.  This data will provide information such as:

  • Time, date and number of customers that break the geo-fence
  • Number of customers that accept or reject the deal
  • Number of redemptions of the deal in store
  • Following trends
  • Demographics of followers

About LITT

LITT is an Australian born and bred community focused super app, that connects like-minded people, businesses and other key stakeholders in local communities.
LITT combines elements of social media, e-commerce, digital payments and augmented reality advertising all rolled up into one seamless, safe and trusted experience.