What is LITT?

LITT is an Australian born fintech social e-commerce platform with a community focus, that connects like-minded people, businesses and other key stakeholders in local communities.

Once onboard, stakeholders can learn and earn from one another as well as share and support each other.

We launched LITT because we believe in the power of positivity to grow every community.

However, we could not find a safe, positive, engaging and entertaining digital platform that delivered on this simple goal.

And thus began our quest for launching LITT.

LITT combines elements of social media, e-commerce, digital payments and augmented reality advertising all rolled up into one seamless, safe and trusted experience.

How LITT works.

Our unique business model enables LITT members to earn digital cash as they watch ads put out by local businesses on their newsfeed (unlike other platforms, we share a part of our ad-revenue with members).

This digital cash earned by members sits in their built-in LITT digital wallet – LITT Pay.

LITT Cash can be spent at one of the local business on the LITT platform.

We refer to this unique circular flow of money within the LITT platform (from businesses to members and then back to businesses), as the LITT circular economy.

Hi, Impact

LITT Co-founders Brent Thompson and Peter Salom

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