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At LITT, we are all about supporting our local community and we thought what better way to use our platform than to shine the spotlight on those doing good in our community.

Janine Duffy

Local Hero Janine with hero badge

I love wild animals… Especially koalas

Known for her big smile, bubbly enthusiasm and Aussie Bush Hat, Janine will leave you inspired.

In 1998, while guiding a wildlife tour, Janine discovered a method of identifying individual koalas by their noses. From this discovery a wild Koala Research Project was born – mapping the home ranges, social interactions, tree use and following the lives of over 100 individual koalas in four locations in the You Yangs and Brisbane Ranges National Parks in south-eastern Australia. The project has been described as the best citizen science research project in Australia.

Janine started the not for profit charity Koala Clancy Foundation in 2015 with a mission to: inspire travellers and local communities to help ensure a future for wild koalas. The foundation removes weeds, plants trees, advocates and educates locals about wild koalas. To date, Koala Clancy Foundation has planted over 16,500 trees around the You Yangs and removed over 1.5 million invasive weeds.

She also proposed and administers Wild Koala Day, on May 3 – a national day to celebrate wild koalas and protect their habitats. She says “a world without wild animals is not habitable, and anyway it wouldn’t be worth living in.”

We are proud to welcome Janine as this month’s local hero and hope you will help welcome her by following her page – cute and educational pics of koalas are to be expected 🐨

Kendall Whyte

Kendall Whyte

Trying to keep things real 🤞

Mental Health Ambassador @bluetreeproject


Kendall Whyte grew up in the country town of Mukinbudin, Western Australia. After losing her brother Jayden to suicide in November 2018, Kendall helped create the ‘Blue Tree Project’. Beginning as a grass-roots movement the ‘Blue Tree Project’ has flourished into a not-for-profit making an impact.

The mission of Blue Tree Project is to help spark difficult conversations and encourage people to speak up when battling mental health concerns by giving dead trees ‘a blue lease on life’. By spreading the paint and spreading the message that “it’s OK not to be OK”, they are helping break down the stigma that’s still largely attached to mental health.

With over 600 trees painted around the world, we believe Kendall and the Blue Tree Project deserve a shoutout. Show your support by shouting Kendall a voucher on LITT or heading to to get involved!

Remember, #itsoknottobeok

Matt Gollan

👨‍👧‍👧Father 📱Innovator 💙Philanthropist 🌹Humanitarian

Founder & CEO of Flash Market,
Give Apparel & One Raise

  • Donated $450,000 to Happiness Co and Pledged another $1M for 2021
  • Donated over $500,000 to The Otis Foundation for Breast Cancer Retreats
  • Donated $250,000 to Wounded Hero’s to save the lives of Veterans
  • Donated $70,000 to Danny Greens Cowards Punch Campaign
  • Donated $65,000 to The Human Excellence Project
  • Donated $50,000 to “Connected By’ to help our Veterans here in Perth
  • Helped Hundreds of Farmers going through Drought with Hay and Water
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