Get exclusive rewards & offers and learn more about the Jetty.

*Please note: This adventure and rewards are only available on phones that support Augmented Reality (AR).


Download the LITT app


Register as a LITT User


As you walk along the Jetty you will receive Notifications on your phone of special points of interest.


Tap the Notification to use your camera to look around and find an AR Image.


Tap on the AR Image to unveil special information and receive exclusive Jetty offers


Go to the Vouchers section in My LITT section to view your vouchers


Redeem your rewards at the locations before they expire

Terms and Conditions Apply.
Location services and notifications for LITT must be turned on.
Your phone must be connected to 4G network or suitable wi-fi network.
Data charges may apply, please check your mobile phone operator for rates.
All rewards are subject to availability.