Update on LITT Watch and Earn for iOS

LITT is on a mission to re-imagine what social media means. We want to bring people, buisness and the wider community together in safer, more meaninful and rewarding ways.

Part of why LITT has become the exciting, rapidly growing and innovative platform we are today, is because we are commited to giving back to you, our users. Because we want to keep you engaged and the central part of our growing community and long-term journey.

Our video advertising solution that is so incredibly innovative and cutting edge – ‘Watch and Earn’ – has been a large part of our vision for LITT.

Currently the iOS platform provider has asked LITT to remove the feature in its current format temporarily halting this feature for you the end user to enjoy and benefit from. At this time, you may not see the Watch and Earn feature on your LITT feed on Apple smartphone.

However, we continue to work closely with our platform provider to re-imagine our ‘Watch and Earn’ feature and bring it back into the LITT econsystem, in one form or another, in the very near future. So make sure you watch this space.

Our ‘Watch and Earn’ features remain as is on the Android version of the LITT app.

Thanks for you ongoing and much appreaciated support of LITT.

– The Founders.